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Bracketology: A’s Walk Up Music

Walk up music is one of the best ways in sports to get a glimpse of the person behind “the player.” In the modern era, players have to edit their personalities so much that a decision as seemingly insignificant as their choice of walk-up music can be as well as we know them. Whether it’s […]

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As of two weeks ago, Adam Rosales was a relatively unknown utility infielder for the A’s who had appeared in just over 50 games, and had been worth exactly 0.4 bWAR (Wins Above Replacement per baseball-reference). Then sh*t got weird. The A’s designated Rosales for assignment on July 31st and placed him on waivers with the […]

When the average fan thinks of the Oakland A’s, they most likely think of Billy Beane, “Moneyball,” a thankfully robust Jonah Hill, and the on-base/undervalued type players Beane specialized in finding. As A’s fans you already know that this is not a complete picture of the Oakland Athletics[1]. However, they do seem to roster (and […]

Any casual baseball fans that did not previously know the name Yoenis Cespedes have now been put on alert. After his display at this year’s annual, “Who can make Chris Berman say a certain four-letter word the most” competition,[1] he has officially put himself on the proverbial map. As any real A’s fan knows, […]

This may come across as a brusque title, because obviously Cespedes deserves plaudits for the absolute show he put on in this year’s Home Run Derby. Yoenis is also the first Home Run Derby winner to represent the A’s since Mark McGwire in 1992. However, winning the Home Run Derby, also known as the annual Chris […]

In order to accurately depict the rivalry between the Niners and Seahawks, it will come as no surprise that we […]

Week 1 provided a moral victory, which we all know are worth about as much as Schrute bucks […]

Each week the Three Bridge staff is scouring the Twitternet to bring you the best tweets from the Bay Area’s […]

Quick Hit: Importance Of The AL West Crown

With MLB’s move to a two Wild Card set up, the emphasis on winning one’s division is higher […]

Clarence Goodson’s USMNT Performance

The U.S. Men’s National Team is officially headed to Brazil for the 2014 World Cup. […]

Proving Week in the Pac-12

Week 3 of the college football season is upon us and it could prove to be a pivotal […]

Breaking: Either Kap or Wilson Will Shave Their Eyebrow on Sunday

In an interesting subplot to the Niners-Seahawks game on Sunday, it appears that Colin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson have a […]

Eric Reid’s Impressive 49er Debut

San Francisco 49er Safety Eric Reid was as advertised and more this past Sunday. In his NFL debut […]

Oakland A’s Player Profiles- Grant Balfour

Grant Balfour has been absolutely lights out in the ninth inning this year, and has earned himself some […]

Stanford Football: The Emergence of the Deep Ball

One of the big question marks for Stanford football entering the 2013 season was whether a deep threat […]

Davis and Kaepernick Build on Postseason Connection

Coming into this season, there were plenty of NFL experts who were still espousing the notion that Vernon […]

Questions after Week 1

With Week 1 in the books, the Raiders didn’t get an all-important win, but they did manage to […]

Don’t Call It A Gimmick: Kap Is For Real

It was fourth-and-two. Three minutes remaining in the fourth quarter, the Niners up by a field goal and […]

A Long Goodbye

One of the more interesting roster moves among Saturday’s cuts from San Francisco 49ers’ camp has gone relatively […]

Week 1 Preview: Bring on the Packers!

Fellow 49ers fans, the greatest time of year is almost upon us. We are two days away […]

Tweets From The Bay: 9/6/13

Each week the Three Bridge staff is scouring the Twitternet to bring you the best tweets from the Bay Area’s […]

Week 1- Win 1

Each week, we’ll take a look at what it will take for the Raiders to win their game […]

San Jose State vs. Stanford Preview

When: Saturday, September 7th, 7pm Pacific Time Where: Stanford Stadium   The Stanford Cardinal open up the season […]

Quick Hit: A Farewell To Chris Mullin

We here at Three Bridge Sports love Chris Mullin. Earlier today it was announced that Mully will take an […]

The Showdown: A’s Walk Up Music Finale

We’ve gone from sixteen all the way down to two. Let’s do a quick recap for anyone just […]

Tweets From The Bay

Each week the Three Bridge staff is scouring the Twitternet to bring you the best tweets from the Bay Area’s […]

Letter From The Editor: What Is Three Bridge Sports?

As a Bay Area sports fan for my entire life, this website has long been a dream of mine. This […]

How Much Whiskey Does Bruce Bochy Drink Each Week?

You’ve heard his smooth, southern drawl. If you watched “The Franchise” on Showtime, you’ve seen him consume a glass of […]